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Birthdate:Jan 1

Newsflash fools. I am dyslexic.
For your information, I know I can't spell and, suprise suprise I DO NOT CARE.
I purposly do not run my entries through spell check, ostensably to piss off
tedous spelling Natzis. By the way, if you're American you can double fuck off
about it, your (note correct form of your) consitent mauling of the English language
bothers me more than I can say. At least my spelling problem is for a reason other than
ignorance and apathy. Perhaps if you spent less time bullying one half of the world
and pissing off the other you would have more time to spend educating your young.
Furthurmore, I am not interested in your oppinion on the fact that I cannot spell
Go and whine about it to your elderly mother.
Does this seem a bit strong? Well, stop antongonising me then.

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